The Redlands AYSO Cultural Exchange program (CE) is centered on the goal of promoting a better understanding of various cultures through the beautiful game of soccer. This program fosters a first-hand experience for our youth to realize that no matter where a person comes from, a feeling of friendship and understanding does exist. Through this understanding we can then bring all people closer together.

This program has become a Redlands AYSO tradition dating back since its inception in 1987. Every year since then, a group of AYSO soccer players (ages 14-15) fundraise money to go play in European summer soccer tournaments and participate in home-stays. The program is designed to alternate between girl teams and boy teams on an annual basis. Each team player takes on the responsibility to work and raise enough money to support their trip. The program includes a week long home-stay trip to Westerstede, Germany (our AYSO sister city).

If you are interested in this program or in helping our players in their fundraising efforts, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Redlands AYSO Cultural Exchange Commissioner.

Fund Raising Program 
Gift Cards - This program allows you to buy gift cards to grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, and other various retailers you currently frequent locally (i.e. Alberstons, Stater Brothers, Arco, Shell, Krikorian Premiere Theaters, Red Robin, Chipotle, etc…). These retailers then help support our fundraising efforts through financial incentives. This is a great way of supporting the team at no extra cost to you. Please contact the team to have your orders personally delivered to your home.

Field Sales - The Cultural Exchange team sells various types of merchandise from our tent at the Redlands Sports Complex. The merchandise has traditionally been umbrellas, umbrella stands, water misters, and other soccer essentials. Please visit the tent each Saturday for anything you might need.

Thank You for Your Support!!