Fall 2016

The planning for Fall of 2016 is underway. You should be prepared to hear from a coach after August 25th. Practice will begin on August 25th, and our 10 week season will begin on September 6th. 

Required Registration Process

All coaches, assistant coaches, referees and team managers are required to register as volunteers each year and get an ID badge. Please go to www.eayso.org and register as a new volunteer or update your profile if you are a returning volunteer.  You must print out ONE copi of your volunteer form and bring along with picture ID, to one of the ID Badge dates (These date will listed on our Calendar). 


Practices for ALL teams can begin at the Soccer Complex beginning on August 25, 2016.  The fields will be lit in the evening beginning on early October, 2016. 

The Soccer Complex Guidelines are as follows:

  • All U6/U8 teams can practice on the fields from 4:30pm-6:00pm (M-TH). We ask that for the safety of the younger players, all U6/U8 practice on the upper portion of the complex only.
  • All U10/U12/U14 teams can practice on the fields from 6:00pm-7:30pm (M-TH). We ask that for the safety of the younger players, all U12 and above teams practice on the lower portion of the complex only. U10 teams can practice on the upper or lower portions of the fields.
  • All U16/U19 teams can practice on the fields from 7:00pm-8:30pm (M-TH) We ask that for the safety of the younger players, all U16/19 teams practice on the upper portion of the complex only after the U6 and U8 divisions have vacated the space.
  • On Friday, the EXTRA program uses the space in the upper Northeast portion of the field for trainers nearest to the goal lockups from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.
  • There are no guidelines on Fridays from 4:30pm-8:30pm with the exception of the furthest Southwest corner of the complex which is reserved on Fridays for the VIP team.

These guidelines are designed to provide each and every team the space necessary to hold a decent practice.  The fields can get extremely crowded on certain weeknights and make practices very difficult.  We ask that you follow the above guidelines as closely as possible.  We understand that some coaches have multiple teams and work schedules which makes the adherence to the guidelines difficult.  In any situation that prevents you from adhering to the guidelines, you must get approval from your division commissioner first.

During practices at the Redlands Sports Complex teams must limit their practice area to no more than 1/2 of a field when space is limited. In addition, on the larger full size fields, teams must limit themselves to no more than 1/4 of the field when space is limited. As the space becomes more compacted, ALL teams must reduce their practice size to allow for equal sharing of the fields. 

When running practices at the Redlands Sports Complex teams are not allowed to place the goals on the goal lines of the fields. Teams must adjust the goals by a minimum of the penalty area or sideways on the touch lines.

Scrimmages are forbidden according to AYSO National unless prior approval has been given by the Regional Commissioner or his designee. If you are planning to conduct a scrimmage, please fill out a scrimmage request 2 weeks prior to your scheduled scrimmage. Scrimmages during the normal practice times will be limited due to space congestion.

Game Cards

Game cards are required to be completely filled out prior to every game.  The players should be listed in order of jersey number.  You must fill out the quarter substitutions, keepers, goals scored, and final score of each team on the front and back.  Please make sure the games cards are given to the referee and submitted to the RC tent after each game. 

Sample Game Card

Game/Match Modification Guidelines

  • U6 – No Goalkeeper is used
  • U6 – Coaches are allowed on the field with players thru September 21, 2013
  • U6/U8 – The Home team will provide the referee.
  • U6/U8 – No Standings
  • U6/U8 – No Off-Side infractions
  • U6/U8 – No Penalty Kicks (Only Direct/Indirect Free Kicks)
  • U8/U10/U12 – Goalkeeper must play 1 quarter on the field
  • U6/U8/U10 – Absolutely, No slide tackling
  • U6/U8/U10/U12/U14 – No running up scores.  The score differential should not exceed 5 pts. and no 1 player should score more than 3 of those 5.

Point System for Standings (U10-U14)

Point System for Division Standings during Regular Season

Win        =    (3) points

Tie         =    (1) Point

Loss       =    (0) Points

Forfeit   =    (-1) Points

Sportsmanship Point: Each team will earn a maximum of one (1) sportsman point each week. This point will be awarded by the Divisional Commissioner based upon the report(s) submitted by the referees on the game cards. It will not be awarded when a team is in violation of the Redlands AYSO guidelines, including (but not limited to) those that are described below. Additionally, ALL teams will be required to provide one field marshal (to be scheduled by the region, not the team). If a team does not fulfill their field marshal responsibilities, one (1) standings point will be deducted.

Referee Points: Referee points will factored into the divisional standings. More information on the referee point system can be found on our referee page. 

Forfeits: A forfeit will be recorded as a 1-0 win for the opposing team unless the match is a mutual forfeit then (-1 point) will be recorded to the standings for both teams.

Goal Points:  These will not be a component of the regular season standings in any division. In addition to that, goal differential will be limited to a maximum of 3 per game. This is designed to discourage teams from running up the score against an opponent.

The policy that Redlands AYSO will employ during the Fall 2012 season, relative to teams who allow the score differential of a match to become excessive, will be as follows:

  • Divisional Commissioners will review all game cards each week. 
  • If a team wins their game by more than 5 goals and has 1 or more players who show more than 3 individual goals scored, then the coach may be required to attend a counseling session that will be led by the Coach Administrator of Region 50.
  • Teams that violate this policy will not be awarded a sportsmanship point for the game in question.
  • Also, any coach/team that violates player participation guidelines in any way will also NOT be awarded a sportsmanship point for the match and may be required to attend a counseling session led by the Regional Coach Administrator. Please review the Region 50 Guidelines that are posted at www.redlandsayso.org.

Any ‘Ties’ in the Final Standings will be resolved using the following tiebreaker sequence:

  • Head to head results.
  • Fewest goals allowed during the season.
  • Goal differential. (i.e. goals scored less goals allowed to a maximum of 3 per match. The highest differential wins tiebreaker)
  • Coin toss.


Team Referee Requirements (U10-U14)

Please see the Referee page for this information.