Thank you to all that participated in the Spring Select Program Try-outs. All teams have now been notified of their selection. If you have not heard from a coach, your child(ren) were not selected to participate in Spring Select this year. We appreciate your dedication to soccer and ask you to please consider playing in the next available program. Registration is closed for the Spring Recreation season, but please watch for an opportunity to play this Fall. 

Thank you

AYSO Spring Select is a competitive season for teams comprised of players selected by a particular coach to participate. There is no requirement that a player have played on a competitive team before but the player must have played in the Fall Program. The Spring Select season runs from March through a season-ending tournament in May.

Age brackets for Spring play will include both boys and girls Under 10, U12, U14 and U16 & U19 team play.  Player’s age as of August 1st will be used to determine his/her division.

If you have any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

From the Region’s Guidelines:

The purpose of the Spring Select Program is to provide an opportunity for Redlands AYSO players to participate in an instructional league, made up of teams from other Areas and Regions with emphasis on tactics, strategies and other advanced skills not generally provided in the fall season. All the AYSO philosophies are strictly followed. This is not an All Star Program. The Select Program focuses upon an educational opportunity for players to further improve their skill levels. The Select Program functions within the Regional Guidelines, In addition, rules and guidelines established each season by the Spring Select League regarding protest, discipline, and awards are strictly followed.

All players who participate in the fall season are eligible for selection to a spring team in their Division. Any others must have the permission of the Regional Spring Select Program Director and register with AYSO National. Players who wish to participate in the Spring Select program shall make themselves available by one of two ways. A player may both attend and participate in the Spring Select skills evaluation, which are held after the conclusion of the fall season. If a player is unable to participate in the scheduled tryout he/she may make known in writing to the Regional Spring Select Program Director their desire to be considered for the Spring Select Program by no later than the last day of the fall season. Coaches will make every effort to evaluate all players prior to the team selection. Players will be selected based on a skills evaluation and the following criteria:

  1. His/her overall performance in the fall season and willingness to improve upon individual skills.
  2. His/her parent's demonstrated volunteer service.
  3. His/her displaying a good attitude towards players, Coaches, and Officials
  4. He/she being a team player.
  5. The need to fill a specific position on a balanced team.

The pool of candidate players for each division shall be made known to all coaches in that division prior to selection. Selection of players to teams shall be made in keeping with the spirit of balanced teams. Both the Regional Spring Select Program Director and the Regional Commissioner must approve all team selections prior to notifying successful candidates. If a player withdraws from a team after the team selections are announced the coach of that team must give first priority in player replacement to those players left in the candidate pool of the division in question.

Please be aware that Article 16 – Player Participation of the Guidelines may be used to deal with players where there are issues of non-participation, poor attendance, distracting behavior, etc. Sanctions may include missing play time, missing games, or other disciplinary action up to removal from the team.

Q. How do I get on a team?

A. We recommend that all players register if they are going to play in the Spring, so that they have a place no matter if they make a Spring Select team or not. Tryouts are held toward the end of the Fall Season. Watch the website for exact dates and sign-ups. Coaches are chosen before tryouts and are the evaluators for the tryouts. Players should hear whether they made a team before December 25th. If a player is not chosen, he may still play the Spring Rec season.

Q. What division will my child play in?

A. The division that the player was in during the fall season is the division where the player would play. So a U10 player would play U10, and a U14 player would play U14.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Fees are based on the registration fees for the Area and other fees as well as the uniform. Typical costs have been around $120. This only pays for the player to play the regular Spring Select season, end of season tournament, and Citrus Classic tournament. The team may elect to play other tournaments, which are a separate fee. The team may also elect to purchase team gear such as backpacks, warm-ups, etc, which also is an additional fee. Teams are allowed to do fundraising to offset some of these costs, but at the end of the season each team needs to be at a zero balance.

Q. When does the season start, how long is it, when are games, where are games?

A. The season is typically 10 games, and starts the end of February or first week of March. The games are typically played on Saturdays for the U10-U14 teams and for the U16-U19 teams there may be some night games. Typically, half the games are home games at the Redlands Sports Complex, and the other half are at other regions’ fields. For 2014, the younger players (U10-U14) will be playing other Area N teams, so games may be in Hemet, Beaumont, Nuevo, San Bernardino, or Rim Forest. For U16-U19, the teams will be playing other Areas. Other Areas we have played in the past include Area H (Desert Communities) and Area R (Corona-Riverside).